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Rider of Betrayal

Rider of Betrayal

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Discord has no Atriarchs, but something far worse.   

All things require order, and the Demons of Discord are no different. Without a King or Queen to rule them, the Riders took on a new role - as leaders. When the last King of Discord was destroyed, the forces of Discord were scattered across Yhtar, finding their home amongst the last bastion of mortal civilization in Reclamation. 

Unlike the other yhtarii that dwell within Reclamation, those of Discord thrive on the fears of mortal creatures. Wherever there are mortals who hold fear in their hearts, there will be Demons of Discord nearby. 

Riders of Discord are the manifestation made flesh of those fears. They are a primal representation, and only grow more powerful as those they subjugate become more fearful. Of those loyal to the powers of Discord, the Riders are some of the most powerful. True denizens of Yhtar, they seek only one thing, and that is to cause destruction and chaos within the mortal realms. 

Born of fear, Riders of Betrayal stand out against their brethren. They represent the mortal fear of treachery from those they hold most dear. In appearance, they vary, but the most common is a shadowy figure clad in a cloak made of raven feathers. They often wield two weapons coated in acidic poison, and to see one is to know that your eminent demise is near. 

As creatures of darkness, they are very susceptible to those who wield radiance as their weapon, and will always attempt to dispatch them first before finishing off lesser threats in any encounter.   

Creature Caster uses a 3D printer Resin that is a perfect blend of detail and durability. Combined with its matte finish and grey tone make it nearly indistinguishable from our traditional resin casts. 3D printed models come in minimal pieces and with supports removed, however some sanding and clipping is required to achieve a flawless finish.

Most of our 3D prints come in only 2-3 parts and as such assembly instructions are not required.

Height: ~45mm
Model Count:
Bases: 40mm round

Model is unassembled and unpainted. Intended for ages 14+.
When assembling, only use cyanoacrylate glue (medium viscosity, for best results) as other glues may damage the material.

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