Cuttlefish Colors Paints

Cephalopod Studios and Creature Caster are proud to announce a new exclusive distribution of their flagship paint range - Cuttlefish Colors! 

These paints are available through the Creature Caster webstore and select retailers worldwide. This new opportunity allows for the expansion of the range to bring an incredible 112 brilliant colors to a larger market. These paints are still formulated by Cephalopod Studios and will be carefully curated by Creature Caster. We are proud to bring you one of the most innovative miniature paints on the market. 

In addition to this, Creature Caster is bringing experience from some of the most influential names in the market to develop a particular way of how to use these paints. The new “Sketch ‘n Glaze” system will make this product even more accessible to new painters who want to learn some of the techniques utilized by master miniature painters worldwide. 

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