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Pusil, Coterie of Despair

Pusil, Coterie of Despair

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Long ago he sold his soul and now he stalks Reclamation seeking it. 

Pusil, is a knight of Discord that strikes fear into the hearts of those who dare to cross his path. Clad in black, intricate armor that seems to pulse with an otherworldly energy, Pusil stands tall and imposing on the back of his twisted steed. The steed itself is a monstrous creature with crimson eyes that seem to pierce through the souls of onlookers, and its hooves leave scorched marks on the ground as it moves.

Armed with a smoldering longsword that trails black smoke, the embodiment of despair and suffering. The blade is said to consume the very essence of those it cuts down, leaving nothing but a hollow shell of their former selves.

Enshrouding his malevolent figure is a blood-red cloak, concealing Pusil's features in shadow. Two cherubic imps, with hideous grins upon their faces, fly high above him, clutching the ends of his cloak. These imps are his loyal companions and carry out his every command with glee, spreading chaos and misery wherever they go.

Pusil's true origins are lost to even the most learned of scholars, though tales of his existence have been whispered among the darkest corners of the wastes. He is rumored to have made a dreadful pact with the fallen King of Discord, gaining power beyond mortal comprehension in exchange for his eternal servitude.

It is said that Pusil and his Coterie of Despair emerge from the depths of Yhtar to bring anguish and suffering to Reclamation. He seeks out the lost and downtrodden, preying upon their despair and hopelessness, and relishing in the misery he inflicts upon them.

Creature Caster uses a 3D printer Resin that is a perfect blend of detail and durability. Combined with its matte finish and grey tone make it nearly indistinguishable from our traditional resin casts. 3D printed models come in minimal pieces and with supports removed, however some sanding and clipping is required to achieve a flawless finish.

Most of our 3D prints come in only 2-3 parts and as such assembly instructions are not required.

Height: ~70mm
Model Count:
Bases: 60mm round

Model is unassembled and unpainted. Intended for ages 14+.
When assembling, only use cyanoacrylate glue (medium viscosity, for best results) as other glues may damage the material.

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