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Discordian Anguis

Discordian Anguis

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A horrifying amalgamation of scales and flame. 

A Discordian Anguis is a creatrure created by the nightmares of mankind, a twisted abomination that combines the ferocity of a great winged beast with the malevolence of a demon. Towering on muscular hind legs, its scaled body stretches sinuously, its form covered in jagged, ebony-hued scales that shimmer with an unnatural sheen. 

Two massive, leathery wings unfurl from its back, casting a vast shadow over the landscape below. Veins of pulsing crimson run through the membranous wings, giving them an otherworldly appearance as they beat with an ominous rhythm. Its razor-sharp claws dig into the earth below, leaving deep gouges in their wake, asit prowls with a predatory grace that belies its monstrous nature. 

Its head is adorned with a fearsome array of horns and spines, framing a pair of glowing, malevolent eyes that burn with an inner fire. Its jaws are lined with rows of dagger-like teeth, each one dripping with saliva and anticipation of the carnage to come. As it opens its maw, a torrent of flames erupts forth, engulfing everything in its path with earing heat and destruction. 

The most terrifying aspect of a Discordian Anguis is its temperament, which is as volatile as the flames it breathes. It is a creature of pure chaos and fury, driven by an insatiable hunger for destruction and carnage. Only the most fierce and fearless warriors dare to approach it, for it allows itself only to be ridden by those who possess the strenght and will to command its firey wrath. 

In the dark corners of the wastes, a Discordian Anguis is seen as a harbinger of doom, a creature forged of nightmares that strikes fear into the hearts of all who behold it. It is a symbol of the chaos and destruction that lurks in the shadows, a reminder that even the mightiest of warriors must tread carefully in the presence of true evil.  

Creature Caster uses a 3D printer Resin that is a perfect blend of detail and durability. Combined with its matte finish and grey tone make it nearly indistinguishable from our traditional resin casts. 3D printed models come in minimal pieces and with supports removed, however some sanding and clipping is required to achieve a flawless finish.

Most of our 3D prints come in only 2-3 parts and as such assembly instructions are not required.

Height: 90mm
Model Count: 
Bases: 100mm round

Model is unassembled and unpainted. Intended for ages 14+.
When assembling, only use cyanoacrylate glue (medium viscosity, for best results) as other glues may damage the material.

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