Red Riding Hood and her loyal Red Hood Coven

Heights: 36-56mm
Red Riding Hood Bases: 32mm or 50mm round
Red Hood Coven Bases: 32mm round
Material: SiOres


Red Riding Hood and her 'sisters' are the protectors of all that is good in the world of Untamed Fairy Tales. Their mission is to rid their world of darkness and cruelty and they will stop at nothing to protect the goodhearted and vulnerable.

This is the third miniature instalment in the Untamed Fairy Tales series by Novac Dawn.

The first fairy tale in this series is Red Riding Hood. Novac Dawn has twisted the dark fairy tale into a nightmare with even more depth. Keep your eyes and ears open for more dark renditions of characters from this traditional tale. Learn more about our collaboration and the Untamed world in this video.

Models are unassembled and unpainted. Intended for ages 14+.

New to working with SiOres? Find some helpful tips in this VIDEO.