Today we are announcing that the very first model produced for Creature Caster will be going out of production. The Mountain Dragon will be available while remaining supplies last.

This is not an easy decision for us as there are many things about the sculpt that we absolutely love. The sneaky way in which he crawls over his base is a unique pose that really conveys the character of a more sinister dragon. However, we feel that the production quality of our newer models has reached a level that wasn’t possible with the Mountain Dragon. Having the ability to cut the models, and prepare them entirely in-house has truly changed what we can accomplish with mold making.

There are certain technical issues with the Mountain Dragon cast that we cannot fix without resculpting, reprinting, and remastering the molds for this model, which is not something we are planning to do at this time. While we know many of you don’t mind a little extra cleaning or gap filling, we feel that the Mountain Dragon just doesn’t meet the high levels of quality that we expect from ourselves and want to display to the world. Unfortunately our newer models have become so kickass that they are making this ancient dragon look a little worse for wear :)    

When stock of the Mountain Dragon is depleted the venerable beast will disappear from our webstore for the foreseeable future, so don’t wait too long if you are considering picking one up.

Finally we would like to thank Aurelio who shared his painted version with us almost exactly one year ago. Amazing work Aurelio! We love seeing our models painted up, so thanks to all of you sharing your work with us in emails and on the web!